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The benefits of massage on mental health

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As mental health issues become more common, people are looking for more treatment options like massage therapy. Feelings of anxiety and depression are the most common conditions that can be alleviated with massage. Massage provides relaxation and stress relief in the body. Massage can be a powerful tool that can fit into a treatment plan for mental health issues.

What is massage for mental health?

Mental health is a person’s state of mind. Mental health is associated with psychological and emotional well-being. Mental health issues can range from day-to-day worries to serious long-term health issues. Mental health can be divided into two groups called “neurotic” or “psychotic”. Neurotic mental health covers severe symptoms of “normal” emotions such as depression, anxiety, or panic. Anxiety and depression are common problems that can be serious and long-lasting and impact people’s lives. A less common form of mental health is psychotic behavior. Psychotic behavior can interfere with a person’s perception of reality. Mental health issues can affect the way you think, feel, and behave. Many mental health issues can be diagnosed by a doctor and treated with medication, psychologists, and massage.

When can massage help with mental health?

Massage can be applied for relaxation purposes. Relaxation can take both psychological and physiological forms. Psychological relaxation refers to the reduction in the release of stress hormones such as cortisol. A reduction in cortisol levels in the blood will allow the individual to experience a reduction in anxiety, stress and depression. Physiological relaxation refers to the increase in flexibility, elasticity and suppleness of tissues. A reduction in musculoskeletal strain may allow the individual to experience reduced pain and increased range of motion and flexibility.

Massage can be extremely beneficial for someone with mental health issues before a stressful event. Stressful events for a person with mental health issues can include a business meeting, interviews, or the first day at a new job. During times of stress, the body increases the release of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, anxiety and fear.

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