Célébrons les mamans avec le cadeau parfait !

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Il est temps de les chouchouter avec une expérience unique de bien-être au soins de jade

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Ingredients & Flavors

Prenez soin de vos cheveux et de votre peau avec l'huile argan pour cheveux et peau

Argan oil

Rich in vitamin E therefore possessing excellent anti-oxidant properties, argan oil is recognized in cosmetics for its toning and softening properties for the skin.
Vitamin E is indeed a powerful antioxidant for the skin, which it protects against aging by helping our epidermis to remain as supple and smooth as possible. This is why argan oil, which contains a lot of it, is an excellent ally in the fight against stretch marks and wrinkles.


prickly pear

The prickly pear is used in the composition of moisturizing cosmetic products because of its extraordinary richness in fatty acids and vitamin E.
It restores firmness and tone to the skin. Regenerating, the omega-6s it contains promote the skin’s natural repair process. It contains more antioxidant vitamin E than any other known oil.


black soap

A cosmetic originating from Morocco, this olive-based soap has been used for centuries to rid the skin of impurities and moisturize it. Its antioxidant properties allow it to act in depth on the epidermis and fight against the appearance of wrinkles.

Plateau de trois bougies aux parfums naturels différents

Natural & healthy candles

100% vegetable waxes with a unique and minimalist composition based on argan oil, shea, soy, and beeswax, 100% pure cotton wick, CMR-free, dye-free, petrochemical-free,
We offer you a French artisanal production with the know-how of a master wax maker and an eco-citizen approach with our oriental scents developed by our perfumer in the world capital of perfume: Grasse.

Our traveling perfumes

Made and created especially for Soins de Jade, our perfumes are designed without harmful ingredients for sensitive skin and pregnant women.

We have selected characteristic fragrances from the Orient and Morocco to make your hammam-style relaxation as lively as possible.

mint tea, essential in the ritual of welcome to Morocco, is recognized as an all-natural health booster, thanks to its rich content of nutrients, including antioxidants and polyphenols which help reduce inflammation, fight cancer cells and protect healthy cells present in the body.

Le thé à la menthe, une bouilloire argentée avec des feuilles de menthe fraîche sur une table en bois
un sac rempli de fleurs et d'épices séchées, offrant une explosion de couleurs et de parfums

The Atlas rose, a scent inviting lightness, will certainly make your relaxation more soothing. Toning, hydrating, calming and softening, Rose water is the best ally for all skin types, especially the most sensitive. In summer, it is all the more useful since it tightens the pores and makes the skin clearer. Its delicious fragrance has relaxing properties.

Jasmine , which comes in the form of a small star, releases its generous fragrance during the night to disappear with the first rays of the sun. Symbol of softness and beauty, it combines delicacy and power to give a unique scent that cannot be confused. The jasmine plant very widespread in the Orient, a very pleasant floral scent ideal for soothing, a high quality fragrance that will give you an optimal olfactory rendering throughout the duration of the combustion of your candle.

Une magnifique fleur sèche de jasmin, délicate et parfumée, évoquant la beauté de la nature
Un magnifique cristal jaune, pris en gros plan sur une surface en bois

Amber , captivating, suave and sweet, brings a touch of elegance and sensuality to the fragrances. Perfumes with amber notes flatter our senses to better transport us to the land of a thousand and one nights. If the most voluptuous of odalisques had a perfume, it would, without a shadow of a doubt, have amber notes.

And musk , which is a scent very popular with today’s noses. It lets something sensual and uplifting shine through. Musk par excellence is a sublimating perfume thanks to its softness and the special character of its scent.

Our passion for beautiful smells goes hand in hand with our convictions, and our Jade Care range is guaranteed free of carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic for reproduction ( CMR ) substances.

We have selected the world capital of perfume: GRASSE for the manufacture of our scents.

Scents from the Orient that will take you on a journey to the land of 1001 nights.

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