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Terms of Sales


SOINS DE JADE provides Internet users (hereinafter referred to as “Internet users”) with an e-commerce site. The site is accessible via the Internet at the address It is published by the company SOINS DE JADE, SAS with a capital of two thousand euros, which has its registered office at 8 rue Jean Jaurès.
93200 Saint-Denis, and is registered in the Trade and Companies Register of Compiègne under number 891930711.

Thanks to this site SOINS DE JADE offers various products (called ”Products” in the rest of the text), offered for sale, to Internet users surfing on the site. For the application of these conditions, in a conventional manner, the Internet user and SOINS DE JADE will be collectively referred to as the ”Parties”, and separately as the ”Party”. The Internet user who confirms an order will be called ”Buyer”. The buyer is necessarily subject to the same obligations and benefits from the same rights as the Internet user.

Before any order, the buyer certifies to be fully capable, on the legal level, to commit to the general conditions of sale of the site.

Any order of a product on the site means that the user has consulted and approved these general conditions of sale, without this approval being necessarily confirmed by a handwritten signature of the user. As stipulated by the provisions of articles 1316 to 1316-4 of the Civil Code, supplemented by Decree No. 2001-272 of March 30, 2001, taken for the application of article 1316-4 of the Civil Code and relating to the signature electronically, the validation of the order as mentioned in article 3.3. following, constitutes an electronic signature having the value of a handwritten signature between the parties.

SOINS DE JADE products are cosmetic products intended for external use. The information on our products, our website or our commercial and advertising documents should in no way replace medical advice.


The main purpose of these general conditions of sale is to inform any potential Internet user of the clauses and procedures according to which SOINS DE JADE operates the sale and delivery of the products ordered. They also aim to specify the rights and obligations of the parties within the limits of the sale of SOINS DE JADE products to the buyer. These conditions apply, without exception, to all sales by SOINS DE JADE of the products presented on its website.

They apply regardless of any other document.


2.1 – Products

Only the products displayed on the site at the time of the Internet user’s visit are offered for sale by SOINS DE JADE, within the limits of available stocks. The illustrative images of the products are not contractual.

If it is an offer, the company SOINS DE JADE has the right to modify the assembly of products, mainly according to the constraints in relation to the suppliers.

2.2 – Price

The prices of the products are mentioned on the site in euros, and are expressed inclusive of all taxes, also taking into account the VAT for France applicable on the day of the order. Product delivery costs are not included in the above prices.

SOINS DE JADE has the right, with the consent of the Internet user, to modify the price of its products at any time. The buyer will buy the products at the prices in force at the time of the confirmation of his order, if however these products are available.


3.1 – Navigation on the site

Navigation on the different pages of the site does not entail any constraint for the Internet user who is in no way obliged to place an order.

The telecommunications costs incurred by the use of the Internet while browsing the site are the responsibility of the Internet user.

3.2 – Registration of an order

When browsing the site, if the Internet user wishes to place an order, he will select the various products that have aroused his interest and click on “Add to basket”.

The Internet user may, at any time:

  • Obtain a summary list of the products chosen or change your order by clicking on ”My Basket”, tab visible at the top right of each page.
  • Continue to select products in the ”My cart” tab, by clicking on the ”Continue shopping” icon or end your product selection and order them by clicking on ”Continue my order” .

The Internet user will thus be able to order the selected products by clicking on ”My basket”. The list of all the selected products will then appear on his screen, and the Internet user will be able to check the status of his order. Once the list of products has been verified and conforms to the products chosen, he will validate the summary by clicking on ”Continue my order”. The Internet user must then provide identification by mentioning his e-mail address and password if he already has a customer account, or by carefully filling out the form made available to him on the site, which must include the information enabling him to be identified, such as his surname, first name, postal addresses and e-mail.

The Internet user is aware, and agrees with SOINS DE JADE, that the entry of any identifier takes the place of his identity and constitutes a sign of consent.

3.3 – Final validation and payment of the order

Once the status of his order has been verified, and all the required information provided by the Internet user, he will choose the delivery and billing addresses then click on ”next”. The Internet user can then choose between the different delivery methods available to him: Colissimo, and Point Relais. He will then choose the method of payment that suits him to pay for his order, among the following: credit card or paypal. If he wishes to pay by credit card, he will click on ”validate” or ”confirm my order” in other cases. Once this step has been taken, the Internet user becomes the buyer. His order is registered, and it is considered that he has registered it after having read the general conditions of sale, prices, volumes and quantities of the products offered for sale and ordered, and having approved them.

Once payment has been received in full, the order can no longer be cancelled. SOINS DE JADE records the order form on its computer registers, registers which are kept on a permanent and secure medium. This voucher will serve as proof of the transactions that have taken place between the parties.

If the payment was made by credit card, the buyer is automatically redirected to the payment server of the bank ‘LCL de Compiègne’. It is ensured that this server has SSL (Secure Socket Layer) security which more securely protects all the data attached to the means of payment, and that there is no risk that the buyer’s data will pass through the system. JADE CARE IT.

3.4 – Confirmation of the order

Once the payment has been made, the buyer will receive a summary of the order at the e-mail address that he will have provided during his identification.


Buyer must remit full payment. No deposit or deposit is allowed.

All payments are made in euros. The buyer, when validating the order form, certifies to the company SOINS DE JADE that he has all the authorizations that may be necessary for the use of the chosen method of payment.

The company SOINS DE JADE has the right to proceed with the cancellation of orders and deliveries of any nature and level of execution, in the event that the buyer has not paid a payment, in the event of a conflict with the buyer or if there is a problem with the payment.

From the moment a recovery procedure is launched, late payment penalties, the annual rate of which can be up to three times the legal rate applied, can be legally applied to unpaid debts. The company has the right to suspend the delivery of a new order if there is a delay in payment of an old order.

In order to fight cybercrime, information about your order may be communicated to a loved one for control.


The products are presented within the limit of available stocks. If the stock of one of the selected products runs out, this will be notified to the buyer immediately. This information will reach him, if possible, in this way:

  • At the time of placing the order
  • If the order is validated, before delivery, by e-mail

SOINS DE JADE will then make sure to deduct the price of the exhausted product from the amount subtracted from the buyer’s bank account, if payment is made by credit card.

In one or other of the cases mentioned above, the buyer may cancel his order, if he wishes, and request the refund of the payment within 30 days at the latest after the direct debit, by e -mail to the address , or an exchange of the exhausted product(s). If a product exchange is made, the customer is responsible for delivery.


Until the buyer makes the payment, and the products are handed over to the carrier, the goods delivered belong to the company SOINS DE JADE.


The customer is required to provide information relating to identification in the context of distance selling. This information is, in fact, necessary for the processing and delivery of orders, as well as for establishing invoices. They are strictly confidential. Information that is incorrectly or not filled in systematically leads to the rejection of the order.

CNIL declaration number: 1550639

In accordance with the law n ° 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, the processing of information relating to the identity collected on the site has been subject to a declaration to the National Commission Computing and Liberties. The buyer therefore has a right of free access, modification, correction and deletion of his personal data. The buyer, to apply this right, must send an email to SOINS DE JADE Customer Service .


8.1 – Responsibilities

SOINS DE JADE is not responsible for any non-compliance with the contract if a shortage of stock or unavailability of the product occurs due to a disruption, an extreme situation, or a complete or partial strike of the postal services and means of communication and/or transport.

8.2 – Partial invalidity

If pursuant to a law, an irrevocable decision of a competent authority or a regulation, one or more of the clauses of these general conditions are declared invalid, the other clauses remain entirely valid.

8.3 – Entire contract

These general conditions of sale and the summary order list provided to the buyer constitute the entire agreement and the entirety of the transactions that have taken place between the parties.

If any contradiction arises between these documents, the general conditions of sale prevail.

8.4 – Applicable law and competent jurisdiction

Sales of SOINS DE JADE products are subject to French law regardless of the buyer’s place of residence and the place from which the order is made. Any dispute related to the interpretation, application or termination of the agreement concluded between SOINS DE JADE and the buyer, despite the number of defendants, will only fall under the jurisdiction of the competent French courts in accordance with the direct rules stipulated by the French Code of Civil Procedure; unless an amicable agreement is reached.

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