Célébrons les mamans avec le cadeau parfait !

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Il est temps de les chouchouter avec une expérience unique de bien-être au soins de jade

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About Jade Care

Our history

Created by Najwa, the story of Soins de Jade results from her great desire as a future mother and founder of a traditional spa in Morocco to find a product that meets her needs in terms of well-being and above all safety for them and their clients.

Research without satisfactory results pushes her to turn to traditional recipes and natural products from Moroccan soil.

Jade Care is the result of a long journey that combines personal experience and professional skill. A well-being expertise that is a guarantee of trust in the eyes of our customers.

Our secret: magnificent ingredients. Our products have been tested and validated in a French laboratory to offer you a 100% clean home spa.

We offer an ancestral beauty ritual renowned for its calming and therapeutic properties.

Are you a future or young mother, a working mum or a stay-at-home mum? In short, a woman who doesn’t have much time but who likes to take care of herself.

Jade care arrives in your bathroom and guarantees you a soothing, pleasant and beneficial well-being break.

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Creation of a high-end traditional spa in Morocco


A complicated pregnancy and premature delivery


Awareness and birth of the SOINS DE JADE project


Start of natural recipes from Grandmothers with the team


2nd serene pregnancy and a beautiful delivery


Start of French laboratory tests


Launch of ulule crowdfunding!


Selection among the innovative projects and opening of the store

Our engagements


The essential

The active ingredients (which "act" on the skin) exceed the standards of conventional products. Few ingredients but in large quantities to really act and obtain the desired efficiency. Our active ingredients are essentially composed of a natural plant substance and not of chemical compounds.


We select our own ingredients with our team of wellness professionals and our Moroccan herbalist. Our artisanal French laboratory validates the formulas and manufactures the products in compliance with French cosmetic regulations. (GMP standards)


Environmentally friendly

Our bottles are made of glass so that they can be refilled later. No secondary packaging to avoid overconsumption of plastic. Goal: zero waste! Long live our clean planet!

The requirement

Our products are suitable for pregnant and breastfeeding women. The requirement and safety standards are so high that our range therefore corresponds to any type of sensitive skin. What is good for future mothers is necessarily good for all women who take care of them.

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