Célébrons les mamans avec le cadeau parfait !

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Il est temps de les chouchouter avec une expérience unique de bien-être au soins de jade

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fond-slide-4 Inspired by the ancestral ritual of the hammam, our range of products has been designed to bring you the best of the Orient in terms of body care and relaxation. Discover Jade Care Une femme en robe blanche assise sur une table avec une serviette autour de la tête. Une image apaisante pour une journée de détente au spa An ancestral beauty ritual renowned for its calming and therapeutic virtues Une salle de bain moderne avec une grande baignoire et un sol en bois Your spa at home

environmentally friendly


French made


Suitable for pregnant women


Sensitive skin

Natural cosmetics made in France

Your wellness ceremony in 5 steps

Step 1

Invite the Orient into your home

Visit the Orient from your home by breathing in the delicious scents of our 100% vegetable candles. All you have to do is light the mood candle and the massage candle to release the particular scent that will relax you and invite you to travel.

Step 2

Purify your body

With your 3-in-1 shower treatment, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize your skin. Three actions in one use! A time saver for you ladies! A complete treatment made up of black soap, prickly pear cake and argan oil.

Step 3

Exfoliate your skin

This traditional glove allows you to remove all dead skin to regain soft skin. This deep scrub stimulates blood circulation.

Step 4


Rid of toxins, your skin is now ready to be deeply nourished. Very rich, this treatment regenerates your skin and tones it, providing it with nutrition and hydration on a daily basis. It alone constitutes a complete treatment.

Step 5

Let yourself go

Our trip to the Orient is coming to an end, but before that, allow yourself one last little treat: extinguish the massage candle. Once lukewarm, massage yourself starting with the feet then go up along the body and let yourself be overwhelmed by the well-being it provides. You deserve it !

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