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Il est temps de les chouchouter avec une expérience unique de bien-être au soins de jade

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Mood candle (Musk)


Our natural and healthy candles are the perfect accessory for a moment of relaxation.

They have no equal to create a pleasant atmosphere and embalm the atmosphere of your home. Science has also shown that good smells cause the release of happiness hormones by our brain.

Visit the Orient from your home, breathing in the delicious scents of our 100% vegetable candles.

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Our natural candles preserve your health: they are made only of natural products and are certified without CMR, dyes or petrochemical derivatives.

Made with the specific know-how of French master wax-makers, our SOINS DE JADE candles are poured by hand in French workshops.

They are delicately perfumed in order to blow a wind full of oriental scents in your home. The notes of mint tea, essential in welcome ceremonies in the Maghreb, and Atlas rose, symbol of lightness, will relax and soothe you.

Without forgetting the musk, jasmine and amber that plunges you into 1001 nights.

The scents of our candles have been specially designed by our perfumer, in Grasse, for SOINS DE JADE.

In addition, you will soon be able to recharge your mood candles thanks to an ecological concept based on reasoned materials.

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